Hafiz Khawar Hussain

Position:            Chief Technology Officer – Lead in Mobile
Employment:    06/01/2017 till 01/01/2020

Within three years in WebsCare, hafiz’s ability to consume cutting-edge technologies in the mobile development era opened a new way for WebsCare to thrive in the market. WebsCare found hafiz an efficient team lead to leverage the Android application design, development, and testing to the next level. His work spanned several cross-functional teams. Besides his technical abilities in the development domain, he proved himself a design specialist, which led WebsCare to successfully deploy the Android-based “WatchNews Pro | Live Channels” application to Google PlayStore.

The success doesn’t end here, after deployment, his contributions towards digital marketing and advanced app store optimization approaches to enhance user engagement boosted the audience from scratch to 1.5M in just 8 months. In light of his contributions to various application domains across WebsCare has promoted hafiz to CTO just months before his trip to the United States for higher education.